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AC3S News Update 6/26/2018

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Hello Everyone!

It's been a long time since the forums have been online and since AC3S has done anything and it's time to fix that!
With Little Blue Orbit acquiring the game and promises to make APB great again I'm excited to also reboot AC3S. We've been gone for too long and it's time to once rise again. I'm sure many old members have written off the game to move on in their lives and to some degree, I did for a year or so thinking the game will cease to exist by 2020. It's time to make this clan shine once more with the new acquisition.

I've announced a few things on the discord but left the forum in the dark and I apologize for that, I will stick to first posting on the forum then porting the news over. So what have you missed?

First, Innistrad has decided to step down from the leader position and after giving it much thought and consideration among the fellow officers have decided to bestow me with the role to which I'm very honored to have. I will be working on a roadmap for the clan with goals and milestones that we can hopefully achieve by the end of 2018. If we don't reach those goals you shouldn't worry, we're not an organization, we're a family and nothing is perfectly planned in life so we shall be strong and push through the hiccups along the way to try our best but not be hard on ourselves when we fall short.

Second, I'm sure many of you have noticed by now the forums have gotten a huge visual upgrade from the previous look to match our color scheme and to make it easy on your eyes from having to look at a white forum. If you notice any color issues or spacing problems with certain UI elements please DM me on the forums or discord with a screenshot and link (if applicable) so I can fix it. I'm also working my own discord integration with the forums, recently I've gotten heavily into the development of discord bots and I think I could make our very own discord bot that links with the forums. More news to come out for that soon when I begin making some more progress on it.

Third, Inactive members, I ask that you come from the shadows and blow the dust off of your G1 accounts and log into APB once more. I will try my very best not purge old leadership and honorary members of AC3S but I want to avoid that entirely by having our old members come on to show interest in playing the game again, and if you already have written the game off please let us know so someone else can have your spot in the clan if you don't plan on returning. I will be doing the purge a month from this date (7/26/2018) and trying my best to get in contact with everyone that has been gone for more than 10 weeks to ask if you wish to stay in AC3S and if you plan to make a return.

Fourth, The new application process has been fully implemented and I know there is some disagreement as to new application so I will explain my stance as best as I can and I understand if you don't fully support it but I will be sticking by my decision to hold our application process to a high standard. I revised the application to make it a bit longer requesting more information and detail, the reason for this being we don't have a lot of formality but our application was the one thing we used to always hold to a high standard back when I first joined AC3S. Recently we were accepting anyone that walked in and put their name on the application. Now, we are holding new applicants to the same standard I remember having back in 2012 of putting in some effort to join the clan.

Fith, Clan Uniforms/Gear are still going to remain not-mandatory as APB has the customization system like no other and we never would want to restrict your creative freedom. That being said I really like to see AC3S logos and gear on our members especially when we are doing missions in groups for it gets the word out there more of who we are. I even encourage you to put your own spin on the AC3S logos and gear to make it match your style and character. I would love if the designers of AC3S would rise up to create some new outfits that could be distributed for those who do want to sport AC3S gear, create whatever you think is badass and matches the AC3S color scheme. I am really fond of the old AC3S specialist outfit that you see my character sporting and would love if it could get an upgrade for the 2018 year. Cars, clothes, let's refinish the AC3S look to help show the rebirth of a long-standing and reputable clan.

Last but not least, Let's get back on APB/Forums/Discord and make AC3S feel alive again, we all enjoy spending time with one another and playing games whether it's APB, CS:GO, Rocket League, Star Citizen, etc. Spur up some discussion, stir the pot, have friendly debates, make AC3S feel like home to the new members we have coming into the community and be sure to give them a warm whalecum!

I'm here to make AC3S shine once more and I can't do it alone, I need all of your time/participation and effort in getting this clan back to the top where everyone knows the name AC3S around the streets of San Paro.

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