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  1. Hi Everyone, We've been pretty quiet to what's been going on behind the scenes in AC3S for awhile, but as we all begin to work, or return to school we hope you stay active and update your situation on the forums if you come to a hard place. We here at AC3S want to provide a close-knit gaming community that acts not so much as a community but rather a family, a place to come home to, a place filled with supportive members and fun memories to cheer you up on any cloudy day. With that mindset in mind, we are not concerned with a drive to incorporate new members, but rather we ask that any members that have signed up on the forums be active with at least one post per week to show you're still alive and willing to put in some effort to be a part of the AC3S family, we'll also begin to purge membership if members do not sign up on the forums and apply for there has been quite some time for allowance for old time AC3S members, if anyone decides to change their mind they're always welcome, but must continue participating. Although we're small, it matters that we all make an effort to continue being active and interacting with other members. AC3S will NOT expand into Arma 3 and will NOT expand into MechWarrior due to lack of support. Instead, for now, AC3S will stick to GTA V and APB, although those two games are currently the main directive for AC3S, we encourage any and all games to be played in the Teamspeak 3 Server to keep interaction levels high. We thank you for sticking around although progress is slow, we're trying to find the best path for AC3S, and until we do we can't promise a huge number of changes and or progress in recruitment of new members, but what we do expect from all of our members is participation, respect, and effort to be in the upcoming events that are being planned. We understand it will be hard for most to attend due to real life obstructions and we completely accept that. We just ask that anyone that can make the time, please do, so that all the events are fun filled and provide an experience to remember. Thank you all for continuing to make this a better place for all of us, no matter the hardships we face in our lives, the ability to come home on a Friday night and play with members that enjoy playing games and having a good time is hard to obtain and I'm proud to say we have it here in AC3S. Let's keep up the great work and continue making AC3S our home to the lives we all like to escape from every now and then.