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  1. You da best, bby! Lead us to eternity!
  2. Ahoy, AC3S! Management is looking for Jesters. They're like clan mascots/cheerleaders with several perks. Your basic task will include the following: - Helping new members in getting a better sense of the community. - Distributing clan gear to members (new, who have been promoted from DICE). - Hearing out members' complaints and conveying them to officers. - Just generally helping the community grow. Interested? Drop your application in my PM explaining why you want to become a Jester and what it is that you love about AC3S.
  3. NO GRIEFING/GHOSTING Following your groupmates when you’re not in their mission, blocking objective for their opposition, ramming them with your vehicles, informing your groupmates of their opposition’s whereabouts are tactics that are highly condemned. NO HACKUSATING Whether a member of opposition plays in a suspicious manner or not, members by no means should publicly or privately hurl accusations. NO SPAMMING Sending messages in quick succession in the group, team, district, direct-message, and/or clan-chat is strictly discouraged. NO DISHONORABLE TACTICS The following actions qualify as dishonorable tactics: Running with the item. Pushing enemy objective. Having a friend disrupt opposition gameplay. Using glitches that may provide an unfair advantage over the opposition. NO QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOUR The following actions qualify as questionable behavior: Insulting, yelling at, and fighting with teammates. Being a cause for frustration for teammates during gameplay. Creating too much drama/being involved in global chat drama. - Breaking the aforementioned rule(s) can result in immediate expulsion from the clan. - AC3S administration reserves the right to remove any player(s) without prior notice. - Administration reserves the right to extend any probation without notifying the probationer. - If you have any issues with any member, report it to an officer. Issues with any officer can be directly reported to an administrator. Below is a breakdown of AC3S ranks: - LEADER: Senior officer head of AC3S. - ADMINISTRATOR: Includes senior officers that hold extra operational powers of the community. - OFFICER: A general officer entrusted with operational tasks and management of the clan. - VETERAN: AC3S members who have been in AC3S for at least 6 months and have well served the community. - VIP: Valued guest. - DESIGNER: Member(s) who volunteer to design and distribute AC3S gears among members. - MEMBER: Regular members that have been in AC3S for at least two weeks. - DICE: New members who are in their two-week probational trial in joining AC3S. NOTE: - Members are expected to notify AC3S administration should they plan on going inactive for any period of time over one month. - When in-game, members are expected to adhere to group etiquette. - Probationers SHOULD NOT go around asking for clan paraphernalia. Once the probation is successful you'll be provided with all the necessary gear. IF ANY OF OUR MEMBERS VIOLATE THIS CODE OF CONDUCT AND YOU WISH TO REPORT IT, PLEASE MESSAGE ONE OF THE OFFICERS ON THE FORUMS OR IN-GAME.