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  1. Nickolai

    Ac3s Update 6/16/17

    thanks fam
  2. Nickolai

    Soundtrack announement!

    Great news! I have spoken to a guy who makes hard beats (one of them is APB inspired) I have spoken to him and he allowed us to use his beats for future Clan projects! His only stipulation is that we credit him for his work. I expect anyone who is going to use his music to credit him appropriately.
  3. Nickolai

    AC3S News Update 8/6/16

    The Great One would be proud to see your efforts.
  4. Nickolai

    Arma 3 Military Simulation Expansion

    I would join the bandwagon if my CPU didn't die trying to run it.
  5. ni hao!

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      nickolai invite me ac3s please

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